Our history


La Shop à Savons was founded in 2019 by Noémie Ferrand. The company's primary goal is to facilitate the transition to vegan, innovative and eco-responsible cosmetic products by offering a range of products that is more than gourmet and very attractive. The theme of gluttony (desserts, food, etc.) came to Noémie's mind, who was already an amateur pastry chef at heart. She used to bake cakes in her spare time for loved ones whenever the occasion arose, and she herself took a one-day private baking class. She was often asked by strangers if it was possible to make them a creation for their event, but she had other plans in mind.

Out of concern for respect for animals, the environment, local purchases and out of respect for the health of our body, she began to take an interest in natural and eco-responsible products. This is when La Shop à Savons was born. 

The very first product to come to market was, of course, bar soap. You can now guess where the name of the company comes from! 

Today it offers a constantly evolving product line that includes soaps, soy candles, body whipped creams, body scrubs, moisturizing oils, bubble baths, lip scrubs and balms, shampoos. in bars, the fragrances to diffuse, etc.


MISSION: Give women and men back the desire to take care of themselves by offering a range of quality products that is both attractive and innovative, without ever compromising respect for the environment and animals by promoting vegan and non-toxic ingredients.

VISION : All homes and bathrooms in Quebec, Canada, the United States and around the world, when the time comes, will be more eco-responsible and more conscious thanks to La Shop à Savons. It will be common and inevitable to have close to you, to take care of yourself and your universe, products from La Shop on hand at all times. 


  • Respect for animals and the environment : We believe that it is by respecting and protecting the rights of animals and our environment that we will make a real difference in the way we consume and our ecological footprint. We encourage it through natural, vegan, cruelty-free, biodegradable ingredients. In addition, we were working to offer products whose packaging is recyclable, reusable, compostable, biodegradable, etc. We try to avoid plastic as much as possible for reasons of ecological conscience. 


  • Innovation : Innovation is an extremely important competitive advantage for us. We seek to stand out and offer creative, original, improved products and more. La Shop à Savon wishes to be constantly innovative in its proposition in order to retain its customers and attract new people ready to be part of the movement for sustainable development. 


  • Teamwork : Teamwork is one of the primary values ​​within the company. We believe that we will all go much further together and that everyone's ideas will bring many opportunities. In our opinion, teamwork is built between the company and its employees, but also between the company and its client. It is thanks to all these components brought together and combined with the support of all that we are able to move things forward! We promise to never forget that the company does not exist without its valued customers and without the hard work of its employees. 

You can be assured that all La Shop à Savons creations will reflect these values ​​and our colors!


Owner's story and message: 

I am Noémie, an ambitious young woman with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. I have always been passionate about entrepreneurship. It comes to me (very) probably from my mother who always showed me that it is essential to work very hard for what we really want and for what is important for us. When I was born, my mother had barely 2 sweaters in her wardrobe, today she manages 5 emergency rooms in very busy hospitals. I am definitely his biggest fan.
When I was younger, I remember that I used to love selling my toys at my grandfather's campsite and that I loved pretending to have my own hairdressing salon full of products and accessories. I also babysat my little neighbors for several years to earn pocket money. 
I then entered the workforce at age 14. I worked for 4 years at Mc Donald's in Lévis, where I was a team member, trainer and shift manager (management). I worked as much day, evening or night. There I learned the concepts of efficiency and resourcefulness. When I was 18, I left and I applied for a sales consultant position at Sport Expert, in St-Romuald, in the clothing department. I loved the experience that this job gave me as well, but I knew I needed more. There wasn't much room for advancement at the time, so I lost interest bit by bit. I stayed there for 2 years and then I left to devote myself 100% to my business. Basically I think I knew that (and my bosses probably too: ') Hello Marc! ) that I was never really meant to have a superior. 
In the meantime, around the age of 16, I started my first business. It was a beauty care company. It was my mother who gave me the idea. She was coming back from her very first eyelash extension appointment. I thought it was gorgeous and I promised her that I would give her all of her next lash fillings. Following this, I inquired about the costs of training to become an eyelash extension technician. The following week I was certified. I was very lucky, because my mother agreed to fund my training with $ 2500. Each time I had a client, more than 50% of the money collected was used to repay my loan, which was followed by an Excel file. After 3 months, my debt was settled. In the years that followed, I made improvements and I also did my training in nail application. This adventure lasted 5 years in total and then gave way to La Shop à Savons! 
I invested part of my aesthetic savings to start La Shop. La Shop was born from my love that I have for pastry making and the passion that I have developed for the world of aesthetics and natural cosmetics over time. I started out by creating products that I used for myself only to develop and test recipes. After a while, I started selling them to my relatives, in artisans' markets and on ETSY. After 1 year, while studying at the BAC in business administration, I had to close my aesthetic business to focus only on La Shop à Savons due to the enthusiasm it was gaining. Since that time, I have never had another job and I hope to make my biggest dreams come true through La Shop à Savons. 




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