Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • What are your soaps packaged in?

    • For the sake of the environment, we have chosen to wrap our soaps in 100% biodegradable films. 

  • Are the fragrance and color of the products also natural?

    • All the ingredients used in the manufacture of our products are natural, except for the fragrances and for the dyes. In fact, we try as much as possible to choose natural fragrances and colorings, but this is not always possible for supply reasons. However, we make sure that the fragrances are always phthalate and paraben free.

  • What are the benefits of natural wax in your candles?

    • Our wax is 100% natural and vegetable. It is a wax without toxic fumes and without petroleum derivatives (as for paraffin wax for example), biodegradable and not tested on animals. Breathing in the fumes of a chemical wax can be harmful to our health and our environment. It was therefore very important for us to favor a natural wax! 

    • In addition, vegetable wax lasts much longer as mineral wax, which is very interesting and economical. 



  • How can I get free delivery?

    • Delivery is automatically free for orders of $ 75 and over. This discount is subject to change over time. Also, you can always choose the '' pick-up '' option to avoid delivery costs if you live near the workshop. 

  • What is the delivery delay?

    • The delivery time is generally 1 to 10 working days unless otherwise advised by us or in the event of a pre-order.

  • How can I track my order, from shipment to delivery?

    • Absolutely! Upon shipment, you will receive an email containing a tracking number which can be used on the Purolator website to track your package.

  • What if I still haven't received my order?

    • We recommend that you first refer to your tracking number that was sent to you. If the expected delivery times are exceeded or your package appears to be stuck, please contact us to check what we can do to help you.

  • Which delivery provider do you use?

    • We are currently doing business with Purolator for all shipments. If this does not suit you, please contact us.

  • Will the package be left in my mailbox?

    • Purolator does not have access to letterboxes. The package will be left in front of your door if you are absent at the time of delivery. However, in the summer period, due to the hot temperatures, we usually ask the postman to leave the package at the post office to ensure the products are kept at a decent temperature. We want to prevent your products from melting and being contaminated by the heat of the sun's rays. A notice to pick up your order will be left at your door if you were not home when the delivery attempt was made.



  • I want to order online, but pick up my order on site to avoid shipping costs. Is it possible?

    • Sure! When choosing the delivery, you just have to tick “Pick up on site”. We will email you to let you know when your order is ready so you can pick it up. However, for security reasons, an ID is required to collect your order.

  • Is it possible to modify or cancel my order?

    • Once the transaction has been processed, it is not possible to modify / cancel an order. You can always contact us to see if a solution is possible.

  • Is it possible to combine two orders?

    • It is generally not possible to combine two orders that have already been processed. However, you can always contact us to see if a solution is possible.



  • When I received my order, an item was damaged or missing. What to do?

    • Please contact customer service with a photo as proof. It will be our pleasure to send you what is missing or to replace what is damaged free of charge.

  • I did not receive the correct product / order. What to do?

    • Please contact customer service. We will send you the correct order free of charge with proof.

  • I would like to exchange or return an item that I ordered online. How to do?

    •  As these are personal hygiene products, reimbursement, order cancellation, return or exchange of goods is unfortunately not possible.

      However, if one or more of your items is damaged upon receipt, if you have not received the correct item, if an item is missing or otherwise, we will be happy to assess the situation with you and find the best solution together, always with the aim of satisfying you.
      Please note that dissatisfaction with a smell or color, unfortunately, is not eligible for a refund. It is your responsibility.
      Contact customer service in the event of a problem at the following email address: 



  • My card is not working at the time of the transaction. What can I do?

    • It is possible that a small number error has crept in. Check if this is the case. Otherwise, please contact your financial institution if there is a problem with your card.

  • Does La Shop à Savons have a newsletter?

    • Yes! Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don't miss a thing! We will keep you informed of upcoming new collections, new products, promotions, etc.  



The Soap Shop makes every effort to ensure that your personal data remains confidential and undertakes not to disclose them. 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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